samedi 18 mars 2017

To President Trump !

" I find it difficult to understand what is problematic about a person's having the thought that he is an insignificant speck in the universe. No doubt this is a matter where each person should speak for himself, but for my part I find no difficulty in believing that Anthony Kenny is a person of no cosmic significance. There were countless ages before I was born, there will be countless ages after I am dead ; everything I know is minute compared with all what I do not know, and my hopes and fears are of infinitesimal consequence in the overall scheme of things. To be sure, a great deal of my effort goes into seeking the welfare of this tiny transitory being that is myself ; but there is no disporportion here since in the light of eternity my endeavours are juste as puny as the purposes they serve." (Anthony Kenny, The metaphysics of mind, 1989, Oxford University Press, p.92-93)
D'aucuns me diront que c'est vouloir envoyer Caligula sur Sirius...

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